Custom Web Design: dream of success for the reality of feedback

So how do you expect your website to look? Well this based on, how you want your customer to react at your web site design after the brief look.


To develop a custom web design for our client, we have an initial document which helps us understand our customer’s expectation of the professional web site design.

The questionaire covers some of the following aspects –

  • The purpose of the website.
  • The industry that the professional website design is required for understanding the Target Audience of who is going to be looking at the Website.
  • Understanding the need to adapt existing branding material, if any.
  • Competitor e-commerce web site design references.
  • Non-competitor e-commerce website design elements.
  • Colors aspirations for while designing the website.
  • Content relevance to the professional web design process.
  • Functionalities that need to be built within the e-commerce website designs.

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